Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Halfway thru Hols! :)

Din post any entry since after exams. Darling calls it a dormant blog.
haha hols is fun, hehee better than studying. Can finally go walk Vivo.

Been watching bleach and prisonbreak.
Bwahahaha Ban kai!

And tmr we're leaving for Penang!! Bye bye!!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy 22nd Birthday Darling!!

2nd nov 2006: Happy birthday baby!

Hope your birthdays will always be filled with happiness. :)
Going to go to sch for exam soon, and also deliver ur prez. :)
Love you lots darling.
Drop u a nicer entry once our exams are over k? -muackz-

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Exams Started!!

One word: Stress.

Finished Distribution Channels exam. Should be able to pass it. Unlikely to do well though. Two more to go.. Human Resource Management and Strategic Int Mgmt. Faster come, faster go. :)

Really hope to be able to go the Phuket during Nov 30th or so to around Dec 4th.
Looking for more ppl who are interested to go along, any takers? lol :P

Baby nice shop right? 1 shell 5 baht, oopz its in samui not phuket.. lol

This is then a phuket pic that u'll be interested in. :P

Monday, October 23, 2006

Heehee! This is dedicated a certain Liverpool fan who will visit this site.
Nice game at the theatre of dreams hor? Lucky did not let someone watch the match live!

1-0 Scholes!!

2-0 Ferdinand!!!

Garcia is one happy man!!!! :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cool pics!

Got these pics off squizzle.com. haha Really funny, thought I'll just share.

Cool grad eh? Perhaps he'll consider
working as a bartender.

Nice tattoo eh? I liked POTC but not this much!! haha

Mac is Scary! McScary.

Crap site with lotsa crap pics.. haha.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

N-o-t Studying

Wanted to study, so headed on down to Changi Airport Terminal 2 Macs.
Too tired to study, so need to drink coffee.
Going to study, then realised that Someone poisoned my coffee!

Couldn't study, so went to Century Sq - Haagen Daaz to have fondue!!Its amazing how this thing sells for S$10 in Bkk yet in Sg: S$34.90 and still pple buy! In the end no money pay!! Lucky can use Someone's voucher. :)

I wonder who is the poison-er!

Think she is going to bite the apple.

In the end... Didn't study............ Help! May the exams questions be idiot proof! ^-^

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dedicated to my dearest.

Was asked to make a post in dedication to my dear. ---->
Better do so. Cant bear the dire consequences. :) HAHA

Anyway also can take this opportunity to wish her a Happy 22nd Birthday in advance since we having exams on that day. Just in case I forget right? Kiddin! Darling, put down that knife!!

HEHE. I love you. Promise to make a nicer post for you on
the actual birthday k? (^-^)

Pessimism versus Optimism

Some people think of pessimism and optimism as a non-option, a choice made by personality or character, a necessity to take either side. I once thought that way too until I realized otherwise. Consider this piece a way of encouragement, a method of inducing the power of choice upon these two extremes. If it does not convince, then think of it as a personal expression of eureka.

I prefer to think of it as a continuum, with the option of running along it freely upon your will. I prefer to see it as a choice that can be made. Sure, there can be extreme cases of either side. The extreme optimist should be the foolhardy one, attempting every single and possible thing and thinking of success. Life for this extremist should be fraught with disappointments. On the other hand, the extreme pessimist would see no point whatsoever to engage in any activities at all as it will inevitably fail. This person, should they even exist, would have thought life meaningless.

Which brings me to the main point: that there cannot be any extreme pessimist since they would have given up the ultimate possession they ever had; their life. Which means, that any person living on, cannot possibly be an extreme pessimist as they looked at life as worth living, as a gamble worth taking, and ironically IS an spectrum of optimism. As such, I hope everyone have the ability to move up the continuum, towards optimism, by looking at it this way. That this optimistic streak in them can be further developed in other sense, in other activities, in other pursuit. The name of whatever responsible for this possible ability to move upwards, I feel, is Hope.

The age-old adage; the glass; half full or half empty? Look at it this way: You can pour more water in to make it totally full.